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Our complete wheel range is one of the largest in the UK, From stock we can supply Nylon Castor Wheels, Polyurethane Tyred Nylon centre Castor Wheels, Grey Rubber Castor Wheels, Grey Rubber Tyred Steel centre castor Wheels, Aluminium centre Black Elastic Rubber Tyred Castor Wheels, Black Rubber Tyred Steel Castor Wheels, Blue Elastic Rubber Castor Wheels, Cast Iron centre Polyurethane tyred Castor Wheels, Cast Iron Castor Wheels, High Temperature Castor Wheels, Antistatic wheels, Aluminium centre Polyurethane tyred Castor Wheels, Pneumatic Tyred Castor Wheels, Solid Rubber Castor Wheels.

Different wheels are chosen depending on environmental and application issues. If you are not sure please contact us before ordering

We also offer a full Technical Wheel range - We have a great deal of experience for special application Technical Wheels which include:  Drive Wheels, Roller Coaster wheels, bored and Keyed Wheels, plain bore wheels, Industrial Drive Wheels. Please contact our technical sales advisors to discuss your requirements 01327 350070